Unique Gifts for Book Lovers

Delight your favorite book lover with these unique gifts for bookworms. These non-book gifts for readers are perfect choices for any book lover.

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Looking for unique gifts for book lovers? The ideas on this list will give you some quirky inspiration for gifts for your favorite reader and bookworm.

Buying gifts for bookworms isn’t always easy. Yes, you know they would always be happy with books–but which books? What haven’t they read? What are they dying to read? Do you really need to expand their already-huge TBR or add more to their overflowing bookshelves?

A gift card to buy books is always a good choice–you know your reader will love more books–but sometimes you want to do something different.

These gift ideas for book lovers include some items you and your reader may have never seen before, and others you may not have thought of that are sure to enhance their reading life.

It’s kind of satisfying to find gifts for readers that are unique and sometimes quirky nods to your bookworm’s favorite hobby. They’ll be thrilled to dress up their bookshelves, their walls, their books, and even their pets with bookish gifts to make them smile.

And if you’re the bookworm, treat yourself to a gift that celebrates your devotion to reading, literature, and story.

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Unique gifts for book lovers

Quirky and Unique Gifts for Bookworms

Kindle Remote

This is on my personal wish list! A Kindle remote seemed a little ridiculous until I realized how useful it would be in the various ways I use my Kindle: on a treadmill, on an exercise bike, cuddled under blankets, on a table in front of me. I also have long-time elbow issues, so minimizing the repetitive movement of my arm will be nice.

Kindle Case with Stand

I can’t overstate how important a Kindle case with a STAND is for me! I use it so often–while grabbing lunch or coffee, and sometimes even while cooking. It was also essential when my kids were babies; I could stand it on the arm of a chair while they ate or slept on me. Get it for any friends or family expecting a baby! (This one is for 10th gen Kindle Paperwhite. Here’s one for 11th generation.)

Wicked Witch Bookmark

You’ll smile every time you mark your spot and each time you pick up your book.

Book of the Month Club Subscription

It’s maybe not the most unique thing on this list, but a subscription to the Book of the Month Club is one of my favorite gifts to give (and get!). It’s easy, which is nice, but it also means that the people you care about get a new little gift from you each month when they choose their next book.

Reader Sculptures

I love these reader sculptures and would love to get ALL of the poses to place among the books on my shelves.

Book Box Electronics Hider

Even book lovers need wifi and now you can hide the boxes and cords with books. You can’t actually read these, but they look so much nicer than the electronics.

Library Card Compact

Remember the good old library card days every time you grab your mirror.

Art print that reads the Jane Austen quote, I am excessively diverted.

Pride and Prejudice Print

I adore the creative literary art from Obvious State. This Jane Austen one is perfect, but there are a ton that I love in their store.

Nose-Shaped Eyeglass Stand

Another quirky little addition to a bookshelf that’s also functional! Get it with or without the lips, with a mustache, or for your favorite shushing librarian.

Book soaps

Book Soap

These book soaps are too cute to use, but you know you want them in your bathroom.

Bookworm made of scrap metal and nuts and bolts

Metal Art Bookworm

Put this quirky little guy on your bookshelves with all your favorite books.

Literary Insults Poster

The next time you need a good comeback, take inspiration from the greatest wordsmiths of all time.

Bone-Conduction Headphones

For book lovers who spend a lot of time listening to audiobooks while walking or running, these bone-conduction headphones allow you to listen while maintaining full awareness of all the noises around you. I spend a lot of time walking and listening and feel much safer with these headphones.

Bookmark pen holder, a great gift for readers

Bookmark Pen Holder

Love to add marginalia while you’re reading? This bookmark pen holder is exactly what you need to keep your pens and highlighters handy while you read. (Plus, my blogging friend Allison at My Novel Life makes them. Check out her store!) These would be excellent book club gifts.

Bookshelf Diorama Kit

I have big dreams for a full library wall in my home (complete with ladder). In addition to the books, I’m excited to add little surprises like the sculptures above and these cool little book nooks.

Literature of the World Map

Literature of the World Map

Travel the world through literature–the perfect gift for book nerds and travel junkies. This amazing map shows famous books from around the world.

I Just Want to Read Books, Drink Coffee, and Pet Dogs Sweatshirt

This is one of the most popular designs in my shop, and it’s perfect for anyone who just wants to cozy up with their book, dog, and hot drink. (Also get as a t-shirt or mug, or one for cat lovers!)


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Quirky and unique gifts for book lovers


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