Literary Christmas Ornaments and Decorations for Book Lovers

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I’ve never been one to go overboard on Christmas decorations, but there are certain ornaments and decorations that I really love: the ones that are most reflective of our family, our interests, and our activities. This year, I’d like to add more book Christmas ornaments and decorations to our collection.

Every Christmas, my brother and sister-in-law give my kids ornaments related to some significant experience they’ve had in the past year. Things like lost teeth, trips to the beach, first times playing soccer, and favorite characters are reflected in those ornaments and they are some of my favorites to take out when we decorate the tree.

I try now to be intentional about the Christmas decor I add to the collection. I enjoy putting out things with memory or meaning behind them. Unpacking ornaments with those memories attached only gets more special every year.

Books are obviously a huge part of my life, and my kids love them just as much, in their own ways. Incorporating more books into our Christmas decor is a way to continue to add meaningful ornaments and decorations to our holiday collections.

If literary holiday decorations would add more joy to your own Christmas, check out the list below for some great options.

Note: The first few ornaments are from my own Etsy store. Many of the designs are also available on other items, such as mugs and shirts. If you’ve been searching for a particular design, please let me know–I’m happy to make an item just for you!

Bookish Christmas Ornaments and Holiday Decorations

Harry Potter Ornaments and Decor

Harry Potter is special in so many homes--just like Christmas at Hogwarts was always special. I couldn't resist calling out some of these decorations that will help add a little of the Hogwarts spirit to your own holiday celebrations!

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