Allison CaseyWelcome! I’m Allison. I write here at Mind Joggle about books, reading, writing, creativity, learning, and anything related and in between.

I’ve always said that my dream job would be reading books for a living. Well, that and writing books and becoming a world-renowned author. Easy enough, right?

I didn’t quite go either route, opting instead for a “practical” writing career that more easily pays the bills. Nonetheless, those dreams of long, cozy days composing the stories that play out in my head persist—as does my love of great books, writing stories, learning interesting things, and discussing it all with others.

What is Mind Joggle?

The name Mind Joggle is inspired by Emily Dickinson. In a tongue-in-cheek way it describes what I aim to do here: get inspired, get thinking, get creative, all while indulging in the hobbies I love most. With two young kids and a busy household, it can feel hard to do all of those things.

After becoming a mom, I felt like my brain was pulled in a million different directions. It was hard to focus when so many little day-to-day things were demanding my attention. I missed the time I spent reading, learning, and thinking.

My goal here isn’t just to help you read more books–though books are certainly central to what you’ll find. I want to help you read the books you love and think deeply about why they resonate.

I want to help you figure out what you most want to learn and how to do it alongside the other demands of your busy life.

Most of all, I want to help you pursue your passions and fulfill your creative needs. They are important and they can be a big part of your successful life as a parent, spouse, employee, family member, and friend.

Hope you’ll join me!

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