The Last Love Note

The Last Love Note
Genres: Contemporary Fiction, Fiction
Tags: Audiobooks, Australia
Publisher: Zibby Books
Publication Year: 2023
ISBN: 9781958506288

ate lost her husband. She's raising her son and working her fundraising job at a university, while barely managing her grief and the demands of daily life. Hugh, her understanding boss--who was also her husband's best friend--makes things a little easier. When Kate and Hugh are stranded together on a work trip, she has to decide how she wants to move forward with her life, and what her husband would have wanted for her.

This contemporary novel has some romance, but it's examination of grief takes it out of the realm of rom-coms (despite the cover that leans that direction, as well as some humor). It's emotional and vulnerable; the author has personal experience that she draws on. Sad but hopeful, and well worth the read.

About the Book

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Publisher’s Description

You may never stop loving the one you lost. But you can still find love again.

Kate is a bit of a mess. Two years after losing her young husband Cameron, she’s grieving, solo parenting, working like mad at her university fundraising job, always dropping the ball-and yet clinging to her sense of humor.

Lurching from one comedic crisis to the next, she also navigates an overbearing mom and a Tinder-obsessed best friend who’s determined to matchmake Kate with her hot new neighbor.

When an in-flight problem leaves Kate and her boss, Hugh, stranded for a weekend on the east coast of Australia, she finally has a chance, away from her son, to really process her grief and see what’s right in front of her. Can she let go of the love of her life and risk her heart a second time? When it becomes clear that Hugh is hiding a secret, Kate turns to the trail of scribbled notes she once used to hold her life together.

The first note captured her heart. Will the last note set it free?

The Last Love Note will make readers laugh, cry, and renew their faith in the resilience of the human heart-and in love itself.

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