Peace Like a River

Peace Like a River

When Reuben's brother Davy flees after an encounter with bullies that ends in murder, 11-year-old Reuben, his poetic sister Swede, and his father follow him into the unforgiving Badlands. While the plot centers on the family's search for Davy, the atmospheric writing touches on poetry, faith, and miracles--for which Reuben's father seems to be a conduit. This book manages to be both tragic and hopeful, and Enger is a writer whose prose is worth savoring.

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Publisher’s Description

Young Reuben Land has little doubt that miracles happen all around us, suspecting that his own father is touched by God. When his older brother flees a controversial murder charge, Reuben, along with his older sister and father, set off on a journey that will take them to the Badlands and through a landscape more extraordinary than they could have anticipated. Enger’s novel is at once a heroic quest and a haunting meditation on the possibility of magic in the everyday world.

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Series: Bucket List Contemporary Fiction Novels
Genres: Fiction, Literary Fiction, Mysteries & Thrillers
Publisher: Atlantic Monthly Press
Publication Year: 2002
ASIN: 0802139256
ISBN: 0802139256
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