No Hiding in Boise

No Hiding in Boise

After a gunman opens fire at a bar in Boise, three women deal with the aftermath of the shooting.

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About the Book

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My Review

One night at a bar in Boise, a man walks in and starts shooting, killing five people and injuring two others. Just another in the country’s long string of mass shootings. No Hiding in Boise brings us close to the aftermath of that shooting through the stories of three women: Angie, married to Cale, who was injured and is in a coma. Tessa, a young bartender who hid in a closet during the shooting. And Joyce, the mother of the shooter, shocked and heartbroken, filled with guilt, and trying to understand the son she still loves.

This is a character study of the women and how the shooting affects their lives, but one of the most striking features is the in-between chapters, told from the perspective of the people killed in the bar–up to the moment of their deaths. Their stories are enough to make the reader start to care about them, and then they are cut short. Heartwrenching and brutal, just like the shootings we live with every day.   

Publisher’s Description

No Hiding in Boise tells the stories of three women brought together by a mass shooting at a bar in Boise, Idaho. Angie’s husband, Cale, was at the bar during the shooting (an outing he kept secret from his wife) and is now in a coma; Tessa was tending bar on the fateful night and believes Cale saved her life; and Joyce is the mother of the shooter who must come to terms with her role in the tragedy.

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Genres: Contemporary Fiction, Fiction
Publisher: Keylight Books
Publication Year: 2021
Length: 336
ISBN: 9781684426232
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