It’s Been a Pleasure, Noni Blake

It’s Been a Pleasure, Noni Blake

Noni Blake nurses her hurts with a trip focused on herself and pure pleasure.

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About the Book

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My Review

Noni Blake has been nursing some Big Life Hurts, and she’s started looking back on a few things and wondering, “what if?” She decides it’s time to indulge herself, for once in her life, and embark on a 6-month European tour focused on pure pleasure–her own.

Noni’s trip may make you blush (it’s unapologetically racy), but it may also prompt you to examine how well you treat yourself–and whether you might deserve your own version of Noni’s pleasure quest. I didn’t always love Noni or her choices, but I did like how she pushed herself to be brave, step out of her comfort zone, and do what felt right for her.

Publisher’s Description

What if you made yourself your number one priority? Of all the women and men Noni Blake has pleased in her life, there’s one she’s often overlooked–herself. After the end of a decade-long relationship, Noni decides it’s time for that to change. She’s finally going to prioritize her wants and desires and only do things (and people) that feel good in the moment. As she embarks on a pleasure-seeking quest that takes her halfway around the world, she discovers that maybe she can have everything, and everyone, she’s ever wanted. Effortlessly hilarious and relatable, Claire Christian spins a fresh, feel-good tale about starting over as a thirtysomething woman who’s been living life for everyone else. A story of self-discovery for the ages, Noni’s journey serves as a sparkling reminder that life is what we make of it–so why not enjoy it?

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Genres: Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Romance
Publisher: Mira Books
Publication Year: 2021
Length: 368
ASIN: B087JH16J6
ISBN: 9780778331568
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