Interesting Facts About Space

Interesting Facts About Space
Genres: Contemporary Fiction, Fiction
Publisher: Atria Books
Publication Year: 2024
ISBN: 9781668014233

Enid lives a fairly solitary life, aside from the array of women she meets up with from dating apps. She’s content with listening to her true crime podcasts, sharing her favorite space facts with her mom (which helps to regulate them both), and wonder about her fears of bald men and intruders. Her fears seem founded when someone breaks into her home, and her paranoia spirals. She is perplexed by her estranged half-sisters’ interest in a relationship with her after their father’s death. Her paranoia and awkwardness grow and she wonders what could be wrong with her.

Enid is a complex character who is a little hard to pin down—and that’s the point. She can’t pin herself down either. Although this was written with a pretty light tone, it covers serious topics like mental health, loneliness, and hidden trauma. Enid is also hard of hearing, and I love how this aspect of her was woven into the story and illustrated the difficulties that people with such invisible disabilities can face.

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Publisher’s Description

Enid is obsessed with space. She can tell you all about black holes and their ability to spaghettify you without batting an eye in fear. Her one major phobia? Bald men. But she tries to keep that one under wraps. When she’s not listening to her favorite true crime podcasts on a loop, she’s serially dating a rotation of women from dating apps. At the same time, she’s trying to forge a new relationship with her estranged half-sisters after the death of her absent father. When she unwittingly plunges into her first serious romantic entanglement, Enid starts to believe that someone is following her.

As her paranoia spirals out of control, Enid must contend with her mounting suspicion that something is seriously wrong with her. Because at the end of the day there’s only one person she can’t outrun–herself.

Brimming with quirky humor, charm, and heart, Interesting Facts about Space effortlessly shows us the power of revealing our secret shames, the most beautifully human parts of us all.

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