Everything’s Still There

Everything’s Still There

Brynn is a new mom who is struggling. The perfect Instagram moms make her feel inferior, and postpartum depression is taking hold. She pushes away her old friends and husband, and she daydreams about being part of the trendy mommy groups she sees online and around town. One sleepless morning, she sees a flashing light and follows it to the home of an elderly neighbor woman. They soon fall into a friendship that just might save them both–if they can be truthful with one another and themselves.

I appreciate how a lot of authors are now exploring post-partum depression and the struggles of new motherhood. This depicts that foggy, tedious, and often frustrating time so well. A good read for anyone who has experienced motherhood or who is considering it–it’s raw and real and doesn’t sugarcoat the hardships.

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Publisher’s Description

Professional party planner turned stay-at-home-mom, Brynn Hallman always imagined she’d be the ideal mother for her little boy, Cody. But her plans go awry with a series of medical complications that send her into a tailspin. Fueled by bad reality TV and a growing obsession with an Instafamous mommy influencer, Brynn falls deeper into her growing depression and turns inward, shutting out her pre-baby friends and pretending to her husband, Kyle, that everything is just fine.

During the early morning hours, Brynn sees a flashing light from her back porch across the expanse of her yard. Is it a trick of her tired eyes? For the first time in months, she ventures out of the house to discover the source of the light. What she finds will draw her into the life of an eccentric new friend, forcing her to confront her changing identity and the pressures of motherhood.

Imbued with an emotional resonance that will draw in fans of Ann Napolitano–but cast in an utterly unique voice–Kalyn Fogarty’s Everything’s Still There is sure to take a welcome place in the literary pantheon.

Tag: Audiobooks
Publisher: Alcove Press
Publication Year: 2023
ISBN: 9781400219018
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