A Week in the Books: Links I Loved the Week of 9/14/18

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Something for everyone this week: National Book Awards if you’re still up for serious reads at this point in the week, weird subgenres if you need something quirky, a couple links to help you regain some sanity in your reading or schedule, and if you’re really just over it (but still pushing through): puppies! kittens! bunnies!

Links this Week

The National Book Awards Longlists – The New Yorker
The longlists for nonfiction, poetry, translated literature, and young people’s literature were announced this week (and fiction is coming today). I haven’t read any of these, but I’ll be interested to see what’s on the list for fiction. Update: here’s the fiction list! SO excited to see The Great Believers and An American Marriage on the list.

7 Book Sub-Genres That Are So Extremely Specific You Probably Haven’t Heard Of Them Before – Bustle
I guess just about anything has an audience. I work in renewable energy, so I could see Solarpunk being a hit in my office (I should actually suggest it to my colleague who writes steampunk).

I Was Trying To Have A “Good” Reading Year — Until I Realized That Was Precisely The Problem – Bustle
This is especially pertinent for book bloggers, who tend to spend more time thinking about what they should read–and review, and when. I feel it too, but I’ve also consciously tried to manage my reading so it stays enjoyable and doesn’t become something stressful. How do you keep your favorite hobby from feeling like an obligation?

Believing You Are Worth More Than Your Schedule in a Culture That Glorifies Busyness – Verily
The author of this piece is in a different stage of life than I am, but I think this struggle is real for many people, regardless of age or lifestyle. We try to encourage and value unscheduled downtime in our house, both because my husband and I need it and because we think kids need it, but it can be tough. There is always so much that we could be doing. Saying no and being selective about what we do sometimes takes more effort than just doing all the things–but to me, it’s worth it.

Need some motivation to write? Use this website to get a new picture of a kitten, puppy, or bunny for every hundred words. Really, what else is the internet good for?

On the Blog

Mini-Reviews of Recent Reads – reviews this week include The Summer Wives, Where the Crawdads Sing, Prairie Fires, First Frost, The Great Alone, and All the Ugly and Wonderful Things.

Last year: Ten Books on My Fall 2017 Reading List

Happy weekend!


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