A Week in the Books – Links I Loved the Week of 5/11/18

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We have been having the most gorgeous spring ever. The weather has been perfect and our neighborhood happens to have a lot of lilacs and flowering trees. The blooms last only a short time each spring, so I have been enjoying them as much as possible. It even smells like flowers inside the house when we open the windows!

A Week in the Books - Links I Loved the Week of 5-11-18


My May TBR has exploded with a few library holds coming in early (so much for managing them!). I’ve been avoiding very many book reviews this week, but you know I can’t resist a good bookish discussion.

Links I Loved

5 Female East Asian Writers to Move Your Heart and Mind – Books and Bao
On reading this list, I realized that I’ve read very few novels by east Asian women, and I hadn’t heard of any of these authors. Some of them sound amazing and this is a gap in my reading that I’d like to fill.

Why I Generally Don’t Like Thrillers…And 6 Types of Thrillers that DO Work for Me – Sarah’s Book Shelves
Sarah has many of the same issues that I do with thrillers. In fact. I think a lot of readers are having these same issues in recent years–all the gimmicks, “twists,” and attempts at read-alikes have produced a lot of lackluster thrillers. Luckily, Sarah has found a bunch of good ones, and she’s figured out what makes them work for her.

When Reading a Book, When are Spoiler Alerts Necessary? – Reading in Winter
It’s annoying to have a book spoiled when you haven’t read it–even if it’s a classic and maybe assumed that you know the ending. But sometimes, authors are writing about books and can’t avoid spoilers! When should readers be warned? (And I agree with Kristilyn about those introductions that spoil a book you’re about to read.) Head over to her post for more of this discussion.

The 20 Best Literary Adaptations to Watch on Netflix Tonight – LitHub
Because it’s the weekend.



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