A Week in the Books: Links I Loved the Week of 12/14/18

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Thank goodness it’s almost the weekend. We will be fighting like mad to get and stay healthy over here, and maybe spend a little time in the sun, which has been all too rare this fall. Here are a few links I enjoyed this week:

Reese Witherspoon to Produce ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ Adaptation for Fox 2000 – Variety
This isn’t too surprising–we know she loves the book. I hope they do it justice!

The Tattooist of Auschwitz attacked as inauthentic by camp memorial centre – The Guardian
I did not love this book, but it’s disappointing to learn that so many of the basic facts about Auschwitz were not correct. The Holocaust is not a subject to approach lightly, and while some authorial license is understandable, factual veracity is still important in these stories. Soon, there will be no more survivors and the stories will be all we have left.

This Is Your Brain on Puppies – The Atlantic
Why we feel the urge to nibble and squeeze cute puppies and babies. Guilty.

The Joy of No-Gift Christmas – The Atlantic
This is not our family, but it sure is tempting! I also like the idea of limiting gift-giving to books (a suggestions I saw on a Facebook comment).

Writer Asks Twitter for Their Favorite Weird Facts and People Really Deliver – My Modern Met
Puppies and now useless facts? This is why the internet exists.

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A week in the books: links I loved the week of 12/14/18



  1. Wow that’s a fascinating article about The Tattooist, especially since it’s billed as being based on a true story. Books can certainly blur the lines between fiction and reality so it’s helpful to know that not everything in the story is accurate. Good find!

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