A Week in the Books: Links I Loved the Week of 11/2/18

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We made it through Halloween! Just to jump into…turning back the clocks, Nonfiction November, and holiday prep. Ready or not, here it is!

And here’s a few links to kick off your weekend:

Bookish Links

Tiny Books Fit in One Hand. How Will They Change the Way We Read? – New York Times
I am fascinated by these tiny, upward-flipping books–check out the article for a gif of how they work. I’m curious about the reading experience (and I kind of just want some for my shelf). I’m not sure if a John Green set will get me to make a purchase, but I plan to at least check them out in bookstores. I hope they make more of other books!

The Books that Defined the 2000s and 2010s – LitHub
LitHub finished up its series on the books that have defined the last century, and I found these last two lists the most interesting. I’ve only read seven of the twenty on these last two lists (plus a bunch of the “See alsos” in each of the articles, many of which gave me pause as possibly more defining than those chosen, but every list is subjective). What do you think of these lists?

William Rehnquist proposed to Sandra Day O’Connor while at Stanford: report – The Hill
This is just a fascinating little bit of historical gossip that has been revealed in a new book about O’Connor. In a time when there is so much hate and vitriol in Washington, I love hearing about the friendships and respect between the justices (I am not optimistic that this is the future of the court, but that’s another discussion).

How Do You Move a Bookstore? With A Human Chain, Book By Book – NPR
This is a great story about a community’s love for its bookstore.

Drawing Is the Fastest, Most Effective Way to Learn – Inc.
I doodled endlessly (and badly) in class when I was in high school, but for some reason I fell out of the habit in college and graduate school. This makes me wish I had kept it up (and did more drawing in my notes).

On the Blog

2018 in Nonfiction (So Far) – Nonfiction November kicked off this week with recaps of our nonfiction reading for the year. A lot of bloggers are participating and have excellent recommendations, so be sure to check out the other bloggers in the comments or the linkup.

Happy November!

A Week in the Books: Links I Loved the Week of 11/2/18



  1. I love these Lit Hub lists and find myself talking to the computer as I read them…mostly about the elitist nature of some of their choices!

    1. Haha–exactly! I feel that way about a lot of LitHub’s articles. I like to check them out, but (like many literary awards) I feel like they really aim for the “serious” literati–a step or two above my reading life.

  2. Think the clue is in the word “literary”.Think it’s great to have the work done for us regarding the arcane,forgotten or just plain weird.
    The other side of this,of course,is difficulty in accessing the books first hand.

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