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Before you go…

Want to make reading with your kids more meaningful?

Keep the discussion going after the book is over.

Reflecting on the books you read with your kids helps improve their comprehension and engagement with the story, and it elevates those books into a lasting bonding experience.

The Books We Read Parent/Child Reading Journal is the perfect companion for parents and kids who love to read books together.

Help your kids find their LOVE of reading

The parent/child reading journal allows kids to:

Photo of The Books We Read reading journal, beside an ampersand paperweight

Connect with your kids and share your opinions and ratings of the books you read.


Guide your kids in discussing the books you love (or don’t love!). Kids can:


Kids will be proud when they see how many books they read with you or on their own.

Foster Your Kids' Love of Reading!

Kids will love keeping their own “book of books.”

This journal will be a cherished keepsake in years to come when you look back on all of the books you loved together.


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