Digital Reading Challenge Journal


Create a reading challenge that works for YOUR life and reading goals!

Use the Digital Reading Challenge Journal with planning apps (such as Goodnotes, Noteshelf, or Notability) on your iPad or tablet to create a reading challenge you love, that you’ll actually stick with.

The Reading Challenge Journal will help you create a clear plan for your reading challenge, keep track of your plan and progress every month, easily track what you’ve read and what you want to read, and review and rate the books you read.

  • PDF planner with linked tabs and pages that can be imported into planning apps such as Goodnotes, Noteshelf, or Notability
  • 780 digital stickers for use in your planner
  • Goodnotes sticker book with pre-cropped stickers

This digital planner and digital stickers are meant for use on iPad or Android tablets. You may also want to use an Apple Pencil or stylus with your planner.

You will need a digital planning app such as GoodNotes, Notability, or Noteshelf.

The Goodnotes file will ONLY work in the GoodNotes app on the iPad. The individual PNG sticker files can be used with other apps.

Download the files to your computer and add them to your digital planning app. Detailed instructions for GoodNotes are included with purchase.

Individual PNGs may be used with any digital planning app.


Stay on track all year long and have your best reading year yet

What you get

With your purchase

Here’s what you’ll get with your Digital Reading Challenge Journal purchase:

  • Colorful PDF journal with linked tabs for use in notation apps such as GoodNotes, Notability, and Noteshelf on an iPad or tablet.
  • 780 digital stickers (PNG files) to help you organize, customize, and decorate your journal.
  • GoodNotes sticker book with pre-cropped stickers (for use only with GoodNotes.
  • Instructions for adding planner and stickers to common notation apps.
Digital reading challenge journal and digital stickers on iPads

Why a Reading Challenge Journal?

Stop the TBR overwhelm

Get clear on the books YOU most want to spend your time with

Ditch the numbers

More doesn’t equal better. Read the books that feel the most rewarding.

Get rid of pressure

Reading challenges should be fun! Don’t do a challenge that doesn’t work for you.

Get honest with yourself

Finally fit in those books you’ve been dying to read—or remove the guilt forever.

Identify what YOU need, now

Create a reading challenge that works for YOUR life and reading goals–as they are right now.

Create a reading life you LOVE

Not one that someone else thinks you should have!

See how it works:

Frequently Asked Questions

The journal helps you build your OWN perfect reading challenge, based on your interests and reading needs.

It’s also flexible enough to help you stay on track with a pre-built challenge, if you find the perfect one for you. The choice is yours!

If you need book ideas, there are TONS on my website! You can also see this post for a detailed video walkthrough and discussion of exactly how I used this journal to plan my own reading challenge.

NO! Start anytime. Some of the pages are structured with a full year in mind, but again, this is YOUR challenge. Make it for part of the year or any time period that works for you.

You can use the same Reading Challenge Journal again next year for a fresh challenge–just import the PDF again!

I recommend the GoodNotes app if you’re using an iPad, but there are many digital planning apps available. Notability and Noteshelf are two other popular options.

You will receive a PDF of the planner. You can then open your app and import the PDF. If you’re using GoodNotes, you can also import the GoodNotes file of pre-cropped stickers, or just use the stickers provided as PNG files.

All sales of digital products are final. Please ensure you have the products and apps needed to use these files before purchasing. That said, let me know if you have any trouble or need help getting started–I’m happy to help!

All digital stickers and planner files are for personal use only and may not be shared or sold, or altered or replicated for commercial purposes.

I’m ready to start my Digital Reading Challenge Journal.

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