Wine People

About the Book

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Publisher’s Description

A rich, intoxicating escape into the hedonistic and cutthroat world of wine and what happens when two ambitious women, opposites in every way, join forces to succeed in a competitive male-dominated industry. In their late 20s, Wren and Thessaly land coveted jobs at a glamorous New York City boutique wine distribution company where they’re expected to have an exquisite wine palate, endless tolerance for alcohol and socializing, and the ability to sell, sell, sell. Hardworking, by-the-book Wren comes from a modest background and has everything to prove. Thessaly hails from a family of California wine growers. Her natural charm is shadowed by an overwhelming sense of self doubt. On a fateful business trip to Europe, the unlikely pair forge an alliance and launch a friendship that changes the course of their careers and lives. With mouth-watering descriptions of food and wine, Wine People is an utterly entertaining page-turner that explores all the ways the closest of friends can both misjudge and uplift the ones they love.

Genres: Contemporary Fiction, Fiction
Tag: Audiobooks
Publisher: Zibby Books
Publication Year: 2023
ISBN: 9781958506028
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