Quietly Hostile

Quietly Hostile

I'm new to Samantha Irby's humor essays, and her fans know that her writing is filled with honesty about all the messiness and often embarrassing parts of life. There were essays that I really liked–especially the first one where she declares that the proper response to anyone trying to yuck on your yum is, "I like it!" There's also a great essay where she breaks down how certain episodes of Sex and the City should have gone (she is a writer for the reboot).

Overall, I enjoyed her audiobook narration and blunt honesty, but the essays themselves were uneven for me. Many made me laugh out loud, but others were too over-the-top with bathroom humor for my taste, while others felt overlong and lost their impact (and some suffered from both). Humor is a personal thing, though, and many people love hers. While all of her essays weren't hits for me, I laughed enough that I would try more of her books.

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Publisher’s Description

Samantha Irby invites us to share in the gory particulars of her real life, all that festers behind the glitter and glam.

The success of Irby’s career has taken her to new heights. She fields calls with job offers from Hollywood and walks the red carpet with the iconic ladies of Sex and the City. Finally, she has made it. But, behind all that new-found glam, Irby is just trying to keep her life together as she always had.

Her teeth are poisoning her from inside her mouth, and her diarrhea is back. She gets turned away from a restaurant for wearing ugly clothes, she goes to therapy and tries out Lexapro, gets healed with Reiki, explores the power of crystals, and becomes addicted to QVC. Making light of herself as she takes us on an outrageously funny tour of all the details that make up a true portrait of her life, Irby is once again the relatable, uproarious tonic we all need.

Genres: Memoir, Nonfiction
Tag: Audiobooks
Publisher: Vintage
Publication Year: 2023
ASIN: B0B9W93C22
ISBN: 9780593315699
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