It Was an Ugly Couch Anyway

It Was an Ugly Couch Anyway

This collection of personal essays from Southern Living columnist Elizabeth Passarella has one common theme: change. Whether it’s moving, getting rid of sentimental furniture, or dealing with a health crisis, the stories are familiar to anyone, even if the specifics are different. Passarella has a charming, likable voice and reading this felt like hanging out with a friend.

I loved how she spaced out a series of stories on her struggles to buy an apartment from her neighbor in New York–I was thoroughly hooked and needed to know how it ended. The audio version included an interview with that neighbor, which was a delightful addition. This isn't a groundbreaking memoir, but I thoroughly enjoyed the listen.

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About the Book

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Publisher’s Description

A collection of refreshingly honest and hilarious essays from Southern Living columnist Elizabeth Passarella about navigating change–whether emotional or logistical–and staying sane during life’s unexpected twists and turns. After Elizabeth Passarella and her husband finally decided that it was time to sell their two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan, she found herself wondering, Is there a proper technique for skinning a couch? The couch in question was a beloved hand-me-down from her father–who had recently passed away–and she was surprisingly reluctant to let the nine-foot, plaid, velour-covered piece of furniture go. So, out came the scissors. She kept the fabric and tossed the couch. We’ve all had to make decisions in our lives about what to keep and what to toss–habits, attitudes, friends, even homes. In this new collection of essays, Elizabeth explores the ups and downs of moving forward–both emotionally and logistically–with her welcome candor and sense of humor that readers have come to love. She enters into a remarkable (and strange) relationship with an elderly neighbor whose apartment she hopes to buy, examines her own stubborn stances on motherhood and therapy, and tries to come to terms with a family health crisis that brings more questions than answers. Along the way Elizabeth reminds readers that when they feel stuck or their load feels heavy, there is always light breaking in somewhere. It Was an Ugly Couch Anyway will make readers laugh, cry, and feel a little less alone as they navigate their own lives that are filled with uncertainty, change, and things beyond their control.

Genres: Memoir, Nonfiction
Tag: Audiobooks
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Year: 2023
ASIN: 1400219019
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