A Week in the Books: Links I Loved the Week of 9/7/18

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Another quick one this week as I’m still playing a bit of catch-up after being gone last weekend. And next week: we already have a school book fair! I’m ready with my list of middle grade books–I might be more excited than my kids.

Let’s kick off the weekend with some bookish links:

The Not-So-Hidden Racism of Nancy Drew – Electric Lit
I’ve been very interested in reexamining the children’s books we often hold up as “classics” (though calling Nancy Drew “classic” feels more dubious than some others). The whole article is worth a read, but this sums it up nicely:

What they fail to consider is what the modern reader of color might feel — and what readers of color felt back then. It is likely a feeling significantly more damaging and painful than extreme discomfort.

More Fall Previews

  • It’s Book Talk: Renee’s preview is heavy on mysteries and thrillers–take a peek if that’s what you’re looking for this fall!
  • The Gilmore Guide to Books: Catherine has a few on her list that caught my eye and haven’t been on other lists–many from trusted authors.

Consumer product safety agency just ruined Read a Book Day – CNET

(Kidding. I actually appreciate the humor, the images, AND the people who allowed this on their Twitter feed.)

On the Blog

My September 2018 Reading List


A Week in the Books: Links I Loved the Week of 9/7/18 | MindJoggle.com


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  1. Thank you so much for linking to my fall preview list! I’m a little embarrassed because instead of diving into the “big” fall books I talked about, I’ve been reading new releases from small presses and debut authors and it has been amazing. Some of my best reading of the year so far!

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