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Annual Reading Challenge Journal

The key to your perfectly customized reading challenge

Printable reading challenge journal and digital reading challenge journal shown on an iPad
Printable or digital versions available

If you answered YES to any of these questions, the READING CHALLENGE JOURNAL can help you

Hey there! 👋

I know what’s like to be excited to start a new reading challenge and refresh my reading life… but to feel like the pre-built challenges aren’t quite what I need.

I get it. It’s why I didn’t even DO reading challenges for many years.

Who wants to read books on someone ELSE’s priority list??

The good news is, your independent reading tastes don’t mean you have to be left out of the fun of a reading challenge!

Create a reading challenge that works for YOUR life and reading goals!


The Reading Challenge Journal will help you create a challenge you love, that you’ll actually stick with.

And if you have found a great pre-built challenge? Use the journal to stay on track, or mix-and-match with your own challenge.

I’ve got you covered. Are you ready to get started?

See what's inside

Printable Preview

Digital Preview

The Reading Challenge Journal will help you...

Go from overwhelmed and unmotivated... organized and ready to conquer your own personalized reading challenge!

Here's What You'll Get

Preview of reading challenge brainstorm sheets

Challenge brainstorm and planning

To help you get clear on your goals and map out your challenge

Preview of yearly and monthly planning sheets

Yearly and monthly planners and reading trackers

To plan and track your progress throughout the year

Preview of blank template pages

Blank planning and note pages

To fully customize your journal so it works for YOU

Preview of book review, index, and TBR pages

Book review, index, and TBR pages

To track and review the books you read (and want to read)

A variety of pages allows you to fully customize your reading challenge and your journal

PLUS, with the digital version you'll get
780 digital stickers
to use in your planner!


No, this is NOT a physical product. You will receive a digital file that you can print on your own. The printable version allows you to print as many pages as you like, start whenever you like, and create a more customized journal.

If you’d like a bound, physical version, you can visit the shop on my website.

I don’t–I love color! But if you want to save your color print cartridges, simply choose the option to print in grayscale. The review pages also have several versions with and without shaded areas, to help save on ink.

It’s up to you! There’s plenty of space on the monthly pages and index to track ALL of your reading for the year with the Reading Challenge Journal. Or you can keep your reading challenge separate from your other reading journal. Print what you need to customize the journal so it works for you.

You will receive a PDF of the planner. You can then open your app and import the PDF. If you’re using GoodNotes, you can also import the GoodNotes file of pre-cropped stickers, or just use the stickers provided as PNG files.

The journal helps you build your OWN perfect reading challenge, based on your interests and reading needs.

It’s also flexible enough to help you stay on track with a pre-built challenge, if you find the perfect one for you. The choice is yours!

If you need book ideas, there are TONS on my website!

NO! Start anytime. Some of the pages are structured with a full year in mind, but again, this is YOUR challenge. Make it for part of the year or any time period that works for you.

Because this is a digital product, all sales are final. That said, let me know if you have any trouble or need help getting started–I’m happy to help!

I recommend the GoodNotes app if you’re using an iPad, but there are many digital planning apps available. Notability and Noteshelf are two other popular options.

Hi! I’m Allison. I started because I wanted to build a better reading life, for myself and for you. 

I believe reading great books, alone and with others, has the potential to shape and change our lives–if we’re intentional about it. 

I hope the resources you find here–including the Reading Challenge Journal–truly help to “joggle your mind!”

Hi! I'm Allison
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Reading Challenge Journal

Printable reading challenge journal and digital reading challenge journal shown on an iPad

Start building your customized reading challenge today!

Not sure yet? At least don’t leave empty handed!

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