A Week in the Books - Links 04/13/18

A Week In the Books – Links 4/13/18

I always love seeing what other bloggers are reading and enjoying online, so I thought I’d share some of the links I loved this week from other blogs and websites. I’m not sure yet if I’ll do this every week, but I’ll at least occasionally try to share some of my favorite online reads.

Book Reviews

Book to Screen: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline – Novels and Nonfiction
I usually love comparing books to their screen adaptations, but Ottavia’s review of Ready Player One in both formats made me feel more confident in my inclination to avoid the movie. Cline’s book was so unexpectedly compelling, especially for a non-gamer like me, that it’s the rare book that I’m content with leaving on the page.

Circe – The Gilmore Guide to Books
I am not into mythology at all, but Catherine’s (and others) positive reviews have almost convinced me to give this one a try. Have any other non-fans of mythology read this one?

Alcohol & Advil: The Female Persuasion and Look Alive Out There: Essays – Sarah’s Bookshelves
I love this feature from Sarah that pairs an excellent, immersive, or challenging book with some lighter (but still smart) “brain candy.” This is totally how I read–I need recovery books after a tough read. I’ve been looking forward to The Female Persuasion, and Look Alive Out There sounds like it might be the humorous essay collection I haven’t found since David Sedaris.

The Scribe of Siena by Melodie Winawer – A Reader’s Journey
Alyssa didn’t rave about this book, but she did enjoy it, and I am totally tempted by a book she describes as “Outlander in Italy.” I don’t read them often, but I’m a sucker for a good soapy historical fiction novel now and then, and the time travel element just adds some fun.

The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer | Review – Novel Visits
I couldn’t resist another review of The Female Persuasion! This is probably my most anticipated new release right now, and I love Susie’s highlighting of mentorship in the book. As I get older, I realize what a gift and sacrifice mentorship is, and I’m looking forward to reading how Wolitzer’s characters handle it.

Blog Posts and Articles

Being a Quiet Girl in a Very Noisy Time – Electric Literature
This article really resonated with me and in some ways explains why I decided to start blogging: to find my voice again after slowly silencing myself.

In understanding the weight of language, at some point my care became apprehension. My quiet came back. I felt the need to take my time. On the page, this is possible. In the world, where the speed of language seems only to be increasing, I always feel three steps behind.

How to Be An L. M. Montgomery Heroine in a 21st-Century World – Tea and Ink Society
I loved this thoughtful examination of what makes L.M. Montgomery’s heroines worth emulating, even in modern society. I haven’t read much of Montgomery, but I did reread Anne of Green Gables last year after many, many years and I even loved the Netflix adaptation (it helps to not be a long-time Anne purist, I think).

Q&A with Daniela Tully, Author of Hotel on Shadow Lake – My Novel Life
You know I love a good “story behind the story,” and this one took my breath away. Check out Allison’s interview with Daniela Tully to find out what it is. This book sounds like a new spin on World War II and I’m looking forward to reading it.

Happy weekend! What were your favorite links from this week?

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