Joggle Your Mind Like Emily Dickinson

Joggle Your Mind Like Emily Dickinson

Almost anyone who’s started a blog knows that sometimes the most difficult decision is what to name it. It feels like the smallest piece, but it’s the most lasting, and the way that people will find you.

I was in the midst of this nagging decision, brimming with ideas about what to write, but still without a name. What encompasses all of the things I want blog about–books, writing, creativity, learning–without being too limiting? I began searching literary quotes for inspiration. I came across this quote from a letter by Emily Dickinson, and it delighted me:

“I have a brother and sister; my mother does not care for thought, and father, too busy with his briefs to notice what we do. He buys me many books, but begs me not to read them, because he fears they joggle the mind.”

Where to start with this? First, the word “joggle.” Does anyone use this word anymore? Such a great onomatopoeic word.

Then there’s the idea of Dickinson’s father, who most likely does notice her genius. I can just imagine him, feeling the weight of obligation, half-heartedly paying lip service to the belief that women shouldn’t be too educated–and then giving her the books anyway.

The way I see it, there’s nothing wrong with a good joggling of the mind. Pretty sure Emily D. agreed.


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