Free Printable Book Lists: Discover Your Next Great Read |

Grow Your To-Be-Read List: Free Printable Book Lists to Help You Discover Your Next Great Read

“Book people are paper people.”

At one time, I could have said that and been almost certain that it was true of about….98% of avid readers.

Obviously, such a blanket statement doesn’t really work anymore. Readers are reading (or listening to!) books on tablets, phones, computers, and yes, paper.

It’s possible to be a reader and writer and never really touch paper at all. I get that.

So, with all my caveats in place, I’m offering a resource for those of us readers who DO love paper and still use it for reading, writing, planning, and creating: free printable book lists.

While not all book people are paper people anymore, here’s one thing I do know: most book people are list people. Especially book lists.

We readers LOVE our TBR (to-be-read) lists, and any list that can help us grow and refine that TBR is almost irresistible. My most popular posts are always book lists.

And GoodReads is GREAT–I love it–but sometimes it’s hard to wade through the ever-growing list of want-to-reads. Truth be told, these days I use it more to track the books I’ve read, rather than the books I want to read. That electronic sinkhole is just too overwhelming.

Get Your Free Printable Book Lists

If YOU are a reader who loves both paper AND lists, subscribe now to print my favorite book lists that I’ve posted here on Mind Joggle. Like these ones:

The full blog posts will always have more detail–the full reviews, the sparkling commentary (ahem), and the conversation with other readers. But if you need a list that you can print, grab, and take along to the bookstore, library, or book club, now you can get it.

Or print them out and pop them in your planner or bullet journal, so you always have a handy reference when you’re looking for your next read–plus you’ll have that bit of context to remind you where you heard about it and what makes it a good read.

Just subscribe to Mind Joggle to get access to my Book List Library and you can download and print those lists anytime.

Want to see something else on these lists? More room for notes? Checklists? Empty templates? Let me know and I’ll do my best to help. I’ll keep adding to this library so you’ll always have easy access to the lists.

I want these book lists to be useful for you and for the way that you’ll use them, so please get in touch if there’s something else you need from these lists. I’d love to hear from you!

Go get your lists, and happy reading!


Free Printable Book Lists: Discover Your Next Great Read |


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