Last Dream Standing

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Publisher’s Description

In a lush valley in the early 1900’s, a Welsh mining family is in pain. They hope their dreams will be fulfilled by the birth of little Howie. Garth Ross wants a son–a REAL son this time, who will follow him into the mines and make him proud. Beca Ross wants to salvage the man she hopes she married. Eight-year-old Stefan once wanted to join his father in the mines…but not now. He has the heart of an artist, not a miner. But instead of fulfilling their prayers, the birth of Howie shatters their dreams: he will never lift a pick, let alone heave it at a line of coal. The story eddies around a forced and unthinkable choice, a lie too big to contain, and a tragedy of their own creation. This is a tale, both intimate and epic, of dreams—lost, found, and sacrificed—pulling the Ross family forward and into WWI when the truth will reshape them—not to who they used to be, not to their lost dreams—but to who they needed to become. For HF lovers who might prize the slow unfolding of a flawed character…love unaware…the bucolic setting of How Green Was My Valley…and the emotional punch of Sophie’s Choice.

Genres: Fiction, Historical Fiction
Publication Year: 2023
ISBN: 9781735490632
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