A Week in the Books: Links I Loved the Week of 9/28/18

A Week in the Books. Links I loved this week include storytelling, banned books, DNFing, literary feuds, and bookish walks.

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Anyone else feel like the changing seasons are sapping all their energy? Fall is my favorite–I just love the cooler-but-pleasant weather and colorful leaves–but this year I always feel like I could use a nap…and I am not a napper. We have a few summery days ahead of us, so while I get myself sorted, enjoy these bookish links:


10 Best Books on the Art of Storytelling – Signature
I’ve only read two of these (Big Magic and What I Talk About When I Talk About Running), but the rest sound excellent. I talked a little about the value of storytelling in my post on creating a reading culture at work, and it’s been on my mind ever since. I love storytelling, but I feel like I’ve confined it to a particular place in my life–when I sit down to write fiction. I’d like to weave more of it into blogging, work, and daily life.

Top 10 Banned Books of 2017 – Publisher’s Weekly
You’ve probably heard that it’s Banned Books Week, when booklovers everywhere speak out against censorship and shine a light on the most challenged books (funny how that backfires on the people who try to get them banned). I’ve read half of the books that were most challenged last year.

Why It’s So Hard to Stop Reading Books You Don’t Even Like – The Cut
I aspire to be a ruthless DNFer, but I’m just not. I’m proud that I’ve put down a few books this year. On the bright side, maybe this means I’m gritty and optimistic? But I think this is probably a more accurate reason (for me):

For me, I think, not quitting books has more to do with guilt than grit. I have always felt that I owe it to books (my longest and greatest love) to hear them out, especially when it’s one recommended by someone whose opinion I value.

Got Beef? Five Famous Literary Feuds – Keeping Up with the Penguins
This was a fun read on the barbs traded between some literary giants. Salman Rushdie sure knows how to pick a fight.

The Parks Where Kids (and Their Parents) Walk and Read at the Same Time – CityLab
I love this idea and want it in my town immediately. We are lucky to live near trails and parks, but almost every time we try to go for a long walk, my super-energetic kids are “tiiired” and their “feeeet hurt.” Having a story to read along the way would definitely improve the experience!


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A Week in the Books: Links I Loved the Week of 9/28/18