A Week in the Books – Links I Loved the Week of 10/12/18

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I don’t know what it’s like where are you, but here it’s been cold and SNOWY. Today promises to be a little nicer, but I’ll still probably be sitting here clutching my tea, thawing out, and dreading winter. If you’re doing the same, here’s some under-the-blanket reading to end the week:

Inside the Rooms Where 20 Famous Books Were Written – Lithub
I love looking at houses, even when I have no desire to move. So my curiosity was definitely piqued by an article with pictures of where famous books were written. Who would have thought that Les Miserables was written in such a bright, beautiful room?

Superstar Author Lands Her Dream Job – & It’s Not Writing Books – Refinery 29
My most popular post on this website, by far, is 15 Things You Didn’t Know About A Little Life. Readers love this book, and they want to know what’s next–both for the story and the author. So any news on what Hanya Yanagihara is doing catches my eye–unfortunately, as the headline says, it’s not writing books.

How Skim Reading From Screens Is Rewiring Your Brain (It’s Not Good) – Inc.
I think most of us spend too much time reading from screens these days, and it’s clear that time away, spent reading from pages is not just a break, but is essential:

“The subtle atrophy of critical analysis and empathy affects us all,” she warns. “It affects our ability to navigate a constant bombardment of information. It incentivizes a retreat to the most familiar silos of unchecked information, which require and receive no analysis, leaving us susceptible to false information and demagoguery.”

Eighteenth Century Doodles of a Chicken in Trousers Go Viral – The Guardian
The headline made me laugh, but the doodles are pretty great. They also caught J.K. Rowling’s attention!

Behold, America’s Fattest Bear – The Cut
I simply could not resist this. Apparently, this week was “Fat Bear Week.” Since 2015, Alaska’s Katmai National Park has pitted its bears against one another to name the fattest bear. The purpose is to educate the public on how bears survive, but it’s also kind of fun. And yes, that is one very fat bear.

On the Blog

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Hope you’re reading something great this weekend!


A Week in the Books: Links I Loved the Week of 10/12/18


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